john ford's introduction into woodworking and design started  at age 9 with weekly lessons from a master furniture and cabinetmaker arranged by his father.

he went on to enter art center college of design in 1995 with a passion for drawing and painting the human form. with the intention of pursuing a career in modern figurative painting after graduating in 1998, a number of timely side projects brought him back into the workshop and he has never left since.

for the last 10 plus years, along with teaching figurative painting at art center he has worked outside of the public eye on numerous high end architectural projects in a hybrid position of designer,engineer and fabricator.  Commercial clients have included the likes of 3-form, gehry partners and boeing aircraft.

in focusing on modern furniture design, the approach of using the most advanced wood engineering and machining technology combined with traditional methods and joinery is the core of execution.

to discover and put into form the most efficient expression and gesture of a thought sometimes too fleeting to fully witness is my passion.  I must admit I doubt I will ever design a toaster.

its a given that a chair must support comfortably the human form and weight.  there are more than enough chairs that accomplish that goal and stop.  to design usable objects that humbly serve their purpose as best as possible yet take on another dimension and move a person thru it's lines and forms is endlessly challenging.